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Mini-Split Cleaning

Residential and commercial cleanings

Mini-Split Cleaning 

Ductless mini split cleaning for your home or business

The mini-split system is now considered one of the most effective options for cooling and heating, and it should be cleaned and maintained on a yearly basis. Ductless mini-splits are popular A/C systems in many of the communities we serve in the Pittsburgh area. A ductless min-split is an appealing option because it can control the temperatures in smaller rooms year-round. They're also more energy efficient than most traditional heat pumps and less expensive to install. However, to get the most out of ductless mini-splits, you need to have a maintenance program in place. While you can take a few DIY steps to help keep your mini-split in great shape, you need a reliable, trustworthy HVAC contractor for annual maintenance and dedicated deep cleanings are essential for maintaining your system's performance and energy efficiency.


These units are small, and the evaporator coils and blower wheel can grime up quickly with dirt. In many cases mini-splits are visible in the living spaces, so dirt and odors are more present due to the system directly releasing the air as oppose to a traditional HVAC system with duct work. So we recommend more frequent maintenance and cleaning for the ductless mini-split to run at maximum efficiency.

As you work to keep your mini-split working well, you need to pay close attention yo mold growth. The heating and cooling units are vulnerable to mold growth because they are dark and warm inside. This creates the perfect breeding ground for mold growth. If you suspect a musty smell coming from your system, it is a sure sign of a mold issue. Removing mold is important but preventing preventing it's growth before it happens is always better. Mold control is a crucial part of mini-split maintenance, and EZ Breathing can help. To prevent your mini-split from growing mold and bacteria, we recommend using a specialized cleaner that inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and micro bacteria in your system. 

Don't let mold and bacteria take over your home or business and put your family or  occupants health at risk.  Call E.Z Breathing AirDuct Cleaning today to schedule our services 412-277-3626.

We're dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable, efficient cleaning service at an affordable flat rate pricing!


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