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  • Are any health benefits that come from cleaning of the air ducts?
    Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system have been shown to be a gathering source for a variety of contaminants that have the potential to affect health such as fungi, bacteria, mold, and particles of dust. The removal of such contaminants from the HVAC system and home should be considered as one component in an over all plan to improve indoor air quality. The benefits of a freshly cleaned air duct system include: (1) Cleaner, fresher, and healthier air in your home or office (2) Reduces allergens and irritants (3) Removes unpleasant smells and odors (4) Improves air flow.
  • Is air duct cleaning necessary?
    It depends on the state of the air ducts, the last time they were professionally cleaned, and a series of factors. Provided you and other members of the family or work employees are having unexplainable health issues and allergy-like symptoms you can not attribute to anything elese. You could be dealing with dirty, clogged, or molded duct that requires thorough cleaning services. It is important to have experts inspect the air ducts for you. Since mold is more difficult to notice as it can lay hidden in areas that are hard to reach and access.
  • How do we clean?
    When we come out to clean your air ducts in your home we use a round duct brush with polypropylene bristles that provide a gentle action that dislodges dirt and debris build-up in the interior surfaces of the duct work, allowing easy removal with our suction. We use direct high powered suction vaccum so no dust or debris is expelled into your home. Instead it is collected into our in-line filter which funnels the dirt and debris into our contamination tank.
  • How much does air duct cleaning cost?
    The US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) says that typically the average air duct cleaning services costs can be priced between $500 to $1000 per HVAC system depending on the services offered and size of the home. The way our company works is "Exceptional service, affordable flat rate." We make it affordable for all. How we price air duct cleaning is flat rated. We charge per furnace system. We always give upfront pricing and make it easy for our customers. Make sure you hire quality services that will ensure you are going to benefit from the best services at an affordable rate. If the price seems cheap and too good to be true more than likely it is not legitiment.
  • Is the process messy?
    Absolutely not. All of our vaccum equipment is HEPA-filtered to 99.97% so that dirt and debris stays in the machine and out of your home or office. We always leave the home cleaner then when we arrived.
  • Where can i find air duct cleaners near me?
    If you are looking for dependable, affordable, and relaible air duct cleaning services near you, we are here to help. We rigorously follow the highest standard, and our flawless work ethics recommend us as the best fit for the job. No matter how big or small, simple or complex, we can thoroughly assess and clean any duct work while keeping the highest integrity standards.
  • Can I clean air ducts myself?
    Properly cleaning your homes air ducts is trickier than it seems first, you'll need to aquire specially designed vacuum brushes, fans, and filters. The NADCA guidelines and recommendations for specific tasks, like cleaning areas "contaminated with an accumulation of particulate" or the ones "determined to be a risk for free hazard" will change drastically. Therefore we do not recommend cleaning your air ducts yourself, unless you have industry certifications.
  • How can we determine if the cleaning of air ducts was effective?
    The best way to determine if the air duct cleaning was affective is to perform a visual inspection of the system before and after cleaning. We always take before and after pictures and show what the dirty and contaminated air ducts looked liked before being cleaned, and we also show the clean and sanitized air ducts after being cleaned.
  • How long should it take to clean a typical residential home HVAC system?
    The amount of time to clean a residential HVAC system depends on many variables such as the size of the home, number of vents, number of furnace systems, and the extent of contamination. We always say 2 to 5 hours to complete, but we take as long as necessary to make sure everything is cleaned properly.
  • How often should HVAC systems be cleaned?
    Depends on several factors such as: Number of pets. Severity of allergies or asthma symptoms when indoors. Evidence of water damage or contamination to the home or furnace system. Smokers in the home. History of home ( Schedule air duct cleaning before moving into a new home). Construction work or renevations. It is recommended to have your home's residential air system cleaned every 3-5 years. For commercial customers, we recommend a thorough cleaning every 2 years.
  • Are you licensed and insured?
    Yes, we are licensed and insured to provide this service in the state of PA.
  • What criteria should be used for selecting an air duct cleaning company?
    When selecting a professional air duct cleaning company always ask: Check for licensing and insurance. See if the company has been in business long enough to have adequate experience. Always check reviews about the company. Ask if the company has the right equipment to effectively perform cleaning of airducts. Avoid advertisements for $99 whole home specials and other sales gimmicks.
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