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Meet The Owner

Hello neighbors! My name is Duane Shaffer and I am the proud Owner/Operator of E.Z. Breathing Air Duct Cleaning LLC.  I was born and raised in the great city of Pittsburgh, PA. I am the proud father of 3 beautiful children. 

When I started in the Air Duct Cleaning Industry I was 17 years old.  Starting at a young age  I knew that my passion was providing clean air to all. After working for a couple  different companies I decided to take a leap of faith and was destined to branch off and open my own business. Founded in 2017 E.Z. Breathing Air Duct Cleaning is built upon a foundation of industry and knowledge. Our company is licensed and insured, we are also owner operated.

I've seen the power of what I do, and the effect that having your vents cleaned can do for your environment. Everyday that I go out to tackle another job I know that I am making a difference.

With years of experience in the Air Duct Cleaning Industry, I know exactly what needs to be done in order to rid your ventilation system from the germs that build up that contaminant the air that you breathe.

What makes E.Z. Breathing Air Duct Cleaning different from other companies is we provide our customers a healthy environment without any up selling at an affordable flat rate, with no hidden fees or up charges.

We always provide our customers with before and after pictures of their duct work on every job to ensure their satisfaction. I personally oversee every job, and take as long as necessary to make sure that I am providing you with the cleanest possible air that you can breathe. We all live in a world full of pollution, which is why at E.Z. Breathing Air Duct Cleaning will have you breathing fresh air. We believe that everyone deserves to breathe EZ in the comfort of your own home or work space.


It is my opinion that everyone with a forced air HVAC system should have your furnace system cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis every 2 to 5 years. Did you know that in an average 6 room house, as much as 20 pounds of germs, and bacteria can accumulate on the inside of your ventilation system. When that bacteria is recirculated into the air that you breathe, it can cause adverse health effects on your respiratory system, and can also lead to long term allergies.

If you have any questions that I can answer, or if you would like to get set up with an appointment please give us a call anytime, send us an email, or reach out to us on Facebook. We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to take a look at our gallery and check out some before and after pictures. Take some time to read some testimonials from previous customers, and see how happy they are, and what a difference having their vents cleaned did for their lives.

Duane A. Shaffer


E.Z. Breathing Air Duct Cleaning LLC.

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